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The insider’s peek into a life as an independent coach on the World Cup Circuit!
By: Erika Hogan

The excitement of early season training is always hard to beat! It means the race season is approaching rapidly and the pressure to fine tune your equipment and skills is constantly on your mind. It is the time to create an environment to turn that pressure into a feeling of confidence and pure excitement to get in the start gate with every detail taken care of and the feeling of  “Gettin sh*t done” or better yet “Got sh*t done!” Yes this is the infamous quote from the one and only Hailey Duke. The long hours this summer into fall of running around Ketchum with a quick trip here and there to Boise or Park City to raise money, or prepare equipment was always followed up with “Gettin sh*t done!” This was her way of not wasting precious minutes telling you exact details of what was going on in her life so that she can better utilize those minutes actually raising a buck or two, working out or locking herself up in her room to send off “thank you’s” to gracious donors and completing the last detail of the very important fundraiser coming up. So much more goes into independent ski racing at the World Cup level then most even realize. I get to live this life first hand with Hailey. Not only are we roommates in Ketchum, Idaho but I have the pleasure of coaching her this season.

When choosing a coach at this level there are many factors that are considered. Does this individual have the knowledge? Does this individual have the ability to motivate me? Will our personalities work well together? Is this individual capable of taking care of the logistics such as travel, budget, coaching, and setting up conducive environments to help me succeed? Not only are these viable questions but they are legitimate concerns. Gratefully, Hailey sees these characteristics in me. Her faith in me to help her succeed translates into my faith in her ability to succeed.  Our mutual faith in one another is unbeatable.  On top of that, having a person on the road with you that you can be honest and open with and bounce ideas off of are other qualities that Hailey and I share. Before this partnership we were friends. Being able to go through this experience together will be memorable to say the least. There will be many laughs, struggles, and victories along the way and I look forward to sharing the experience with you all throughout the year.  In my mind our mutual faith in one another and passion for the sport is our first story of victory!!! May there be many more ahead of us.


Erika Hogan as TeamDukeUSA coach

“I am very pleased to announce that Erika Hogan has signed on as my full-time coach for the 2014/2015 World Cup Season. Erika brings plenty of experience as a coach and an elite-level racer to the table. I am really looking forward to this season now that I am able to work alongside someone who truly shares my passion for ski racing. Erika is someone I looked up to as a young racer and continue to hold her in high respect as a coach. Watch out world we make an awesome team!” -Hailey Duke

Erika will be posting blogs throughout this season allowing you the insider’s look into life on the World Cup from the coach’s perspective. Watch for the “PUT ME IN COACH!” blogs coming soon!



Born in Holmes, New York Erika Hogan was a well-rounded athlete as a young kid. But, the small mountains (hills) of southern New York captured her interest the most. Due to her increased desire to become a ski racer, at the age of 13, Erika made the journey to Stratton, Vermont to attend Stratton Mountain School (SMS). While at Stratton, Erika competed in several U.S. National Championships and went on to become an international level ski racer. Due to her results in the NorAms she traveled to Europe to race Europa Cups. After a successful high school career it was time to take advantage of a full scholarship at the University of Colorado and the University of Utah. While in college Erika was a 2-time World University Games participant with a 3rd place finish in slalom and a 3rd place finish for the overall in 2002. Erika was a four-time NCAA participant receiving First Team All-American honors in 2003 with a second place finish in GS. Upon graduation Erika received a Bachelors degree in Sociology.


Erika currently resides in Ketchum, Idaho.  She made her way from the Eastern hills of Southern New York to the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho where she feels right at home. For the past seven years Erika has coached the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation FIS Alpine Team. Within those seven years due to her athlete’s experiences and her own experiences as an athlete she realized that skiing is more complex than just the physical component. The mental aspect of skiing is often times what keeps individuals from reaching a peak performance and their goals. Therefore, Erika continued her education to fine-tune her coaching skills and to better aid athletes by earning a Masters degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology.


For the 2014-2015 ski season Erika will continue her path as a ski coach by taking on the opportunity and responsibility of coaching Hailey Duke.  Erika looks forward to taking on the World Cup circuit with Hailey Duke.  This experience will not only provide the opportunity to watch amazing skiing but it will also allow her to gain a more broad perspective of all the levels of skiing that the world has to offer.


Erika Hogan

  • Level 300 certified coach
  • 7 years coaching
  • FIS Team/Head Women’s Coach at SVSEF


Career Highlights

  • 2001/2002 Europa Cup
  • 2002 World University Slalom 3rd  place and overall 3rd place
  • 2003 NCAA First Team all American GS 2nd place
  • 5 Time US National participant
  • 22 career FIS Podiums

T2 Foundation support continued!

“I am psyched to continue my relationship with the T2 Foundation as they have not just shown me support through the years but so many other elite, snow sport athletes allowing us to do what we do best! Thank you T2!” – Hailey Duke

Drum roll, please! We are psyched to announce 2015 grant winners and let everyone know that the U18 grant program is going to be open from now until the funds are allocated.



T2 Grants Announced

Posted on November 3, 2014 by 

I’d like to start by saying thanks to all the athletes who applied for a T2 grant this season. We faced the highest need we’ve ever seen this year and it made our jobs very difficult. The truth is there were many deserving athletes that we had to turn down and I’d like to make sure they all know we’re going to work very hard to bridge the ever-growing funding gap. In the end, we went with a smaller group so that we could increase the individual grant amounts and make a bigger impact.

I’d also like to announce our U18 grant recipients and spread the word that the program is still open! The grants will be awarded on merit to the most deserving alpine, xc, freestyle and freeskiing U18s and U16s. For more information, please click here.

-Marina Knight, T2 Director

Team T2 2015

Joe Discoe, Hailey Duke, Julia Ford, AJ Ginnis, Robby Kelley, Anna Marno, Tucker Marshall, Megan McJames, Keith Moffat, Paula Moltzan, Laurenne Ross, Brennan Rubie, SMS T2 XC Team, Resi Stiegler


Sky Kelsey, Alaska/NTG

Storm Klomhaus, Boulder, CO/NTG/USSA Team Academy

Toby Skarsten, Mount Snow, VT/CVA