Giving Back


T2 DreamBig SlalomCamp 2










The T2 Foundation and The Hailey Duke Project put together a 3 day slalom camp for the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation U16 group. With the help of Will Brandenburg, Hailey built a slalom progression that she wish she had at that age. Incorporating all the basic skills needed for good slalom skiing. As two current World Cup athletes they were able to demonstrate and talk to the kids on a different level, athlete to athlete. Good times, tired legs and a lot of broken gates!




Throughout my journey I have found that “Giving Back” has been my biggest reward. As more and more people become involved in my story and offer support it starts to grow into something much bigger than myself. I have the unique opportunity to bring an entire community along with me as I travel the world and step into each start gate. It takes a community to make World Cup Dreams come true so I choose to give back at the same time. I have chosen to align myself with other organizations and athletes that share my passion to encourage, inspire and help young athletes (especially young women) to get out and go after their dreams. The following organizations are ones that I am involved with and I encourage you to see what they are about.






PlayHard GiveBack athletes dream big, really big. They are committed to cultivating a sense of gratitude to balance the inherently competetive and self-oriented nature of athletics. PHGB gives athletes a platform to leverage their social networks and sell innovative products to benefit social and environmental causes. I have worked closely with PlayHard-Give Back and thanks to them I have been able to really reach out and connect with my community. Head to and see what it is all about!









This is why I have partnered with PlayHard-GiveBack and chosen SheJumps as my non-profit charity to support. SheJumps is a national 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to increase female participation in outdoor activities. Founded in 2006, the SheJumps community consists of females of all backgrounds and ages, who help one another reach their highest potential through outdoor adventures and education. Head to and see how you can become involved!










The unique, custom camps and Keely’s famous, all female, Olympic and world-class coaching team, has earned her camp a reputation as one of the best rated ski camps in the industry. Girls, nationwide, attend Keely’s Camp to be trained and mentored by some of the best female athletes in the world. I have been fortunate enough to coach at Keely’s Camp for 3 summers now and it is one of the most incredible experiences I have been a part of.