18099_24_10_12_4_22_25FAQ – Where is the pituitary gland?!?! It is located in the middle of the head, straight back from the eyes and sits right up next to the brain. Once I found out I had a tumor on my pituitary gland I started to do as much research on the topic as possible. These types of tumors are almost always benign but there are other issues to consider. Immediate risks involve the tumor growing too big and pushing on the optic nerve causing blindness. My tumor was growing in the direction of my carotid artery and if it were too close the tumor cannot be removed completely. Other issues included the effects of the tumor on the pituitary functions. The pituitary controls all hormone levels and if it is effected a persons body cannot function normally. When the time came to make a decision whether to have surgery or not the answer was quite clear. I had tried treating the tumor with medication initially and it was very clear that my body did not tolerate it. Although any surgery comes with major risks and especially one that involves such a vulnerable area I knew I was in great hands. I had gone to see Dr. Broyles at the Seattle Swedish Medical Center and right away I knew I was taken care of. After talking with my Neurosurgeon, Dr. Mayberg I was confident in their team work and abilities. The procedure is performed through the sinus cavity. This is very fortunate because it makes for a very fast recovery time little to no long term effects. I am happy to report that the surgery was a success. The tumor was removed and I have recovered fully. I feel better than I have in a very long time. I feel strong and healthy and I have now proven that I can perform at the highest level once again.

“Anything is possible and I am Making It Happen.”

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