“I am psyched to continue my relationship with the T2 Foundation as they have not just shown me support through the years but so many other elite, snow sport athletes allowing us to do what we do best! Thank you T2!” – Hailey Duke

Drum roll, please! We are psyched to announce 2015 grant winners and let everyone know that the U18 grant program is going to be open from now until the funds are allocated.



T2 Grants Announced

Posted on November 3, 2014 by 

I’d like to start by saying thanks to all the athletes who applied for a T2 grant this season. We faced the highest need we’ve ever seen this year and it made our jobs very difficult. The truth is there were many deserving athletes that we had to turn down and I’d like to make sure they all know we’re going to work very hard to bridge the ever-growing funding gap. In the end, we went with a smaller group so that we could increase the individual grant amounts and make a bigger impact.

I’d also like to announce our U18 grant recipients and spread the word that the program is still open! The grants will be awarded on merit to the most deserving alpine, xc, freestyle and freeskiing U18s and U16s. For more information, please click here.

-Marina Knight, T2 Director

Team T2 2015

Joe Discoe, Hailey Duke, Julia Ford, AJ Ginnis, Robby Kelley, Anna Marno, Tucker Marshall, Megan McJames, Keith Moffat, Paula Moltzan, Laurenne Ross, Brennan Rubie, SMS T2 XC Team, Resi Stiegler


Sky Kelsey, Alaska/NTG

Storm Klomhaus, Boulder, CO/NTG/USSA Team Academy

Toby Skarsten, Mount Snow, VT/CVA

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